Repairing your home furniture could be inevitable. When you use the piece of furniture everyday increases the chances of damages happening. This will then either cost you to buy a new piece or just get a technician to repair it. Repairing this piece however could be a financially better choice. You might even have a piece of furniture that is an antique passed down from generation to generation that you would like to repair / restore.  You wouldn’t want to just let anyone repair that. We can do the service, with your mind at ease our experienced technicians know what they are doing. You are in good hands you can trust our services.

Many Items that we can repair include:

Furniture Repair, Antique Restoration, Broken Springs, Hardware Service

Upholstery & Rug Cleaning Stains and Ink Marks, Polishing, Waxing, Color Enhancing

Disassembly & Assembly, Carpentry, Wood & Metal Refinishing – Painting

Sleeper & Recliner Mechanism Repair & Refurbishing, Parts Replacement

Water, Liquid, Cat, Dog, Animal, Heat, Water, Smoke & Fire Damage Repair & Restoration

Leather, Fabric, Vinyl Repair & Re-upholstery, Seam work and Dyeing

Touch-Up, Fill-in, Finish Restoring & Color Matching, Finishing

Auto/Boat/RV/Motorcyle/Airplane Leather & Fabric Restoration and Repair

Fine Art / Statue / Painting / Ceramic / Glass /Metal / Wood Damage Repair

 Items such as Leather, Vinyl, Fabric, Wood and Plastic are also examples of fabric/materials we deal with. We provide rug and carpet cleaning   and repair. We will pick your rug or carpet up, clean or repair and then deliver your rug back, in the best possible condition. Spot cleaning or small repair can be on side within your apartment or house. Release Systems, Handles and cables are all items that we can repair for you. Our technicians are also qualified to do disassembly and reassembly. If you would need an emergency service to get your furniture taken apart and put back together again. We are the guys for you. With no extra charge to you we can send a technician down to you ASAP to get your emergency situation resolved. This saves you time and stress from having a delivery company take back the furniture to the warehouse. You can get your furniture in the home same day. What better choice would you have then to go with a company who literally does it all.

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